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Real-time Starter Kit for ST7Lite2 devices

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STMicroelectronics partners with Cosmic to provide you with a $29 Real-time Starter Kit for ST7Flite1 and ST7Flite2 Devices. Unlike many low-cost kits that allow debugging only in Simulation mode this Real-Time Starter kit allows real-time in-circuit debugging thanks to the ST7FLite2's built-in Debug Module.

Main Features
  • In-circuit debugging
    In-circuit debugging features include reset, start, stop, single step, step over, step out and 2 real-time hardware breakpoints which can be combined to provide advanced breakpoints facility: break on address range, address and data, access type (R/W) and stack control
  • Real-time execution
    The code is executed at full speed exactly as it would be on the final target.
  • Programming capabilities
    The on board microcontroller can be programmed via the debugger. Note however that this board cannot be used as a general purpose programmer; if you remove the programmed chip and plug it on another board it will not work.
Package content

The package includes
  • Full Cosmic toolchain (Compiler, IDEA and ZAP) limited to 2k (possibility to upgrade to 4k or 8k, please contact us)
  • a board with ST7Flite2 connected to PC by RS232 with potentiometers, LEDS and switches on analog and digital I/O ports.
  • RS232 connection cable
  • 9 Volt Battery
  • ST MCU mini CD-ROM and documentation

The Cosmic ST7Lite2 Real-time Starter Kit is available ONLY via ST and its distributors.

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